Child Support

Child Support Attorney in Mooresville, NC

Starting a new life as a single parent comes with many worries. 
One of your biggest worries is how you'll pay for your child's upbringing and
whether your former partner will support your child financially.
Fortunately, in many cases, your former partner is legally required to provide child support.
Discuss your case with our experienced child supportattorney in Mooresville, NC. Patricia L. Riddick 
has provided compassionate guidance and firm advocacy since 1997.

How Child Support Works

If you are the primary caregiver of your child, you don't want to be shouldered with all the financial expenses of caring for him or her. When you and your former partner enter a legal child support agreement, he or she agrees to contribute a certain amount of money
each month to pay for your child's food, education, and other expenses.
The amount your partner pays depends on his or her income level. If he or she doesn't make the payments, you can take him or her to court.

How We Can Resolve Your Child Support Case

Come in for an initial consultation with our child support attorney at our Mooresville, NC office. 
Our child support attorney will ask for moredetails about your family situation and determine 
the best route for receiving child support.
There are several different ways to handle your case. 
One method is that you and your partner can resolve everything informally with Patricia's
guidance. Another out-of-court option is to resolve your child support matter through mediation. 
In some situations, the best route is to go to court.
Whichever route we take, a judge must approve your agreement. 
Patricia will work as your advocate to ensure you and your child's needs are met.
Get the experienced representation you deserve.
Call our Mooresville, NC office today to schedule a consultation.
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